Monday, September 10, 2012

Nordstrom like experience in Namma Bengaluru

I had received a certain ‘branded’ belt as a gift.  It was a couple of sizes long (length of 36”) and therefore didn’t have holes corresponding to my size (length 32”).  I first visited the brand’s store in Bangalore's Garuda mall and requested to have extra holes punched.  To my surprise, the CSA in that store first didn’t know how to do it; much less have the equipment to punch the holes.  I suggested that they take the belt to one of the neighborhood shops to get the holes punched, which they obliged and got the task accomplished. 

I figured that I was not happy with it as the holes-end of the belt was sticking out too long beyond my trouser loop, and wanted to get the buckle-end trimmed to get it to the desired length.  I went back to the same store after a couple of weeks.  The same associate accosted me and when I explained my problem to him, he began figuring out how to open the buckle!  It was the house-keeping boy who used his imagination to finally open it after some 10 minutes of wasted effort by him and his colleagues.  When the buckle was removed, they discovered they didn’t have the required equipment (this time, a pair of specialist scissors).  Once again, I suggested that they get it done from the neighboring Shoppers Stop.  And this time, I walked along with the associate to the men’s section in SS.  When we explained our requirement to the CSA in charge - Ms.Veena - she first made me wear the belt to determine how much trimming it required.  Then, she very deftly unlocked the buckle and trimmed the belt to the required length.  She also made a ‘U’ shaped cut at the trimmed end to accommodate the spring of the buckle lock.  She then, latched the belt with the buckle; twisted and rotated it a few times to check if it was smooth to operate.  She then handed me the trimmed belt with a beaming smile!

I left with a thrilled experience while suppressing my desire to buy another belt from that store!